#1 Proven Arboreal Bridge

Britain's only tried and tested arboreal bridge for dormice and red squirrels.

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Introducing the Animex Bridge

In association with People’s Trust for Endangered Species we have developed a tried and tested, cost effective mitigation solution for maintaining and enhancing habitat connectivity for arboreal species including Hazel Dormouse and Red Squirrel on development and infrastructure projects.

The bridge has a bespoke and adaptable design and can be built to be free standing on its own, or retrospectively fitted into another structure such as an overpass. We work closely with National Highways for bridges built over large roads to ensure the safety and quality of design on projects.

The Animex bridge is:

  • Tried and Tested
  • Instant Connectivity
  • Cost Effective
  • Bespoke & Adaptable

To find out how the Animex wildlife bridge could be utilised on your project please get in touch with one of our advisors.

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Tried and Tested

The bridge was developed in conjunction with the People's Trust for Endangered Species, based on a Japanese design and was successfully trialled with Hazel Dormice and Red Squirrels on the Isle of Wight. During monitoring with camera traps both species were found using the bridge to cross between the isolated habitats, as shown in the video and this research was published in 2019. A second paper was published in 2022 on case studies of the bridge in the UK. Download the papers below.

Research on this successful design has been presented Internationally including at: Infra Eco Network Europe 2018, International Conference on Ecology and Transportation 2017 & 2021 and the National Dormouse Conference 2016 & 2019.

Download research publication Download case study publication

Bespoke & Adaptable Installation


The standalone bridge can be built in areas without an existing structure. It can be constructed safely across roads, rails or water features to reconnect fragmented habitat.


The bridge can be retrofitted to an existing structure such as a bridge or culvert. This method increases the strength of the bridge and can be used for longer distances.

Best Practice Management

We have created guidelines to help you plan an Animex Bridge into your project. The guidelines include where to locate and position the bridge, the best design, how to monitor dormouse populations post-installation and some helpful tips!

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Project Highlights

M1 Motorway

In Autumn 2020, two Animex dormouse bridges were installed to connect dormouse habitat across the M1 motorway. Each bridge spanned over 76 metres over and under the motorway.

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St Athan

This project featured a 40m bridge retrofit to a road underpass to reconnect hedgerows severed by a new road build. Installation was completed in 2019 and the project won an award.

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A 45m standalone Animex bridge was used to reconnect dormouse populations across an access road in Denmark as part of a large-scale energy project. Small posts were used to support and angle the bridge into dormouse habitat.

Our Partners


CampbellReith is an independent firm of consulting engineers that provides services from 5 UK offices and overseas. They have provided design and AIP for Animex bridge projects.


People's Trust for Endangered Species

PTES has been standing up for wildlife for over 40 years. PTES designed and tested our dormouse bridge to connect arboreal habitats for this threatened species.


Mitchell Bridges

Mitchell Bridges are experts in bridge solutions and can offer installation services for the Animex Bridge. Mitchell Bridges has experienced teams available throughout the UK.



Our France-based partner Cohab promote biodiversity and connectivity solutions including wildlife bridges across French roads.


About us

Animex Bridge began in 2018, as a branch of Animex International, which focuses on wildlife mitigation solutions. Animex was started in 2004 to create bespoke mitigation solutions for construction and development projects around the world. Its origins are in ecological consultancy and construction and designs mitigation products with both animals and contractors in mind.

In a rapidly developing world, the Animex Bridge can reconnect fragmented habitats for dormice, red squirrels and other arboreal animals.

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